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    "Problem Solver" Contest Winner!!!

    Congratulation to Steven Schiro who just won our VGA to HDMI converter the AT-HDVieW. His submission was selected out of the top 10, after reading this you can see why:

    I live with 2 roommates and we have a nerd’s paradise in our living room, but our setup leaves much to be desired. In our living room, we have 2 HDTV’s, a 5.1 system, and over 10 video game systems, ranging from the original NES to the newer Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Besides the video games and our HDTV cable boxes (for the San Jose Sharks, of course), we also hook our laptops up to the TV with a long HDMI cable that runs throughout the living room. Now it is awesome, but our living room looks like the bridge of the Nebuchadnezzar; there are wires literally everywhere throughout the room and it is a mess to hook anything new up, or change the TV of a given device. This is where Atlona’s products can help. 

    To start off with, we are completely out of HDMI ports on our TV’s (between our 2 PS3s / 360 / Cable Box / Laptop Connections, etc), and it looks pretty comical seeingHDMI cables running to the TV from every direction (one of our TV’s is mounted above the fireplace, and it looks like it is being pulled in all directions by the cables). Atlona has the perfect HDMI Switcher: A Matrix switcher which will allow us to connect different devices to different sources. Since we have 2 TV’s, we could put the Sharks Game on one TV and the PS3 on another. This way we would only need to have one HDMI cable running to each TV, which would be much more convenient and would allow us to have the rest of the wires hidden. 

    Since we also enjoy connecting our laptops to our TVs, Atlona has a wireless HDMI product that would be perfect. Instead of running a large HDMI cable through the living room (which doesn’t look good, limits our range, is a tripping hazard, etc), we could plug the USB stick into our laptop and have it display right on the screen. This is extremely useful and would make the room much better and safer. 

    I also mentioned that we have over 10 video game systems. Most of them use the composite connectors (Yellow-Red-White), but we have to navigate through a maze of wires to plug System X into the desired TV. Atlona also has a matrix composite switcher, which will let us connect all of the devices and choose their output. No more guessing on which cable is what, and no mess of wires to untangle if we want to change the setup. Everything just goes into the switcher, and out to each TV. 

    This is just a start for what Atlona’s products can do for us. Atlona can make our living room much safer, cleaner, sleeker, more convenient, and more Awesome! 

    Congrats again Steve, your prize is in the mail. Stay tuned to our facebook page for more contests and great prizes from Atlona.

  2.   This is your invitation to come see visit us at the EHX show in Orlando, March 17-19th. Register soon to save yourself a spot! Come by our both and say Hi to our new team members.

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    This is your invitation to come see visit us at the EHX show in Orlando, March 17-19th. Register soon to save yourself a spot! Come by our both and say Hi to our new team members.


    Why you should get our 3GSDI to HDMI unit, the AT-3GSDI-HD2

    The AT-3GSDI-HD2 is the best converter on the market, and here’s why:

    •  0.1 Millisecond Delay, faster than any SDI type monitor (fastest SDI monitor has a 0.2 millisecond delay)
    •  Saves money on purchase of 3G/HD/SD SDI monitors
    •  Features DVI audio for commercial displays (Analog RCA)
    •  Features 3G/HD/SD SDI loop-out to support daisy chaining, or secondary SDI monitoring
    • Reclocked/amplified HDMI output allows signal to go up to 50ft over HDMI cable
    • Locking HDMI port, (necessary for broadcast applications)
    • Full EDID integration
    • Optional USB power supply
    • Locking power supply
    • Competitors units have less features and cost at minimum $150 more.

    Folks looking for the opposite conversion, thats our AT-HD-3GSDI



    Happy Holidays from all of us at Atlona Technologies

    Happy Holidays from Altona from Atlona Technologies on Vimeo.



    Atlona wins coveted Salute Award from Gov Video

    Atlona technologies was a proud recipient of the Salute award at the government Video Expo in Washing D.C. this month.


    0109GV.5.qxdAtlona’s HD-KIT 3, a suite of tools designed to diagnose and repair most digital connectivity issues, was selected among the top 10 products showcased on the show’s exhibit floor. We would like to give a special thanks to Gov Video magazines new editor J.J. Smith for taking the time to understand just how valuable this tool set is for integrator and installers from any market. 


    We are giving away two flat HDMI 1.4 cables of any length and color!

    It’s time for Atlona’s HDMI Cable giveaway!

    We are giving away two flat HDMI 1.4 cables of any length and color.

    Simply follow Atlona on facebook and twitter. When we post a question this Thursday (12/23) at 4pm PST, be the first or second person to send us a message (or comment) with the correct answer and you win! We will post to Twitter or to Facebook first, so keep an eye out on both sites. The winner will choose the color and length of the cable. The possible value of each prize is $179.99.

    Atlona’s flat HDMI 1.4 cable is one of the most trusted in the industry. You can see a preview on the official Atlona site.

    HDMI to Mini Displayport Adapter from Atlona

    Atlona’s AT-DP300 Unit

    Atlona is very proud to announce a new member to our line of popular mini DisplayPort conversion products, the DP300. This little black box will allow you to both convert and scale HDMI signal to mini DisplayPort. If you are luck enough to own one of Apple’s Cinema Displays or any other MDP display, this unit opens a Pandora’s Box of possibilities. Video games and BluRay movies will look their best in 1080p. That’s right, you can input 1080p and scale up to 1920x1200. Best of all, you don’t need an audio de-embeder to get sound into your speakers or headphones since there is an audio out port right in the DP300.

    For those who are reading this and thinking “I don’t need this, I won’t ever have a mini DisplayPort display”. It’s time to seriously re-consider. Mini DisplayPort is quickly becoming a very common standard due to its open nature. Apple was among the first to adopt this connector but they are not alone. Dell, Collins America, Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Phillips, NEC, and Pioneer all support the format.

    If you have a DisplayPort screen, run over to the Atlona site and pick one up while they’re still in stock. They make great Christmas gifts too!! (nudge-nudge hint-hint)

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving break.

    Hello everyone! Hope you had an excellent break to feast on poultry of the local variety. Atlona is back at it with many exciting things in the works. Mini DisplayPort users have much to look forward to. That’s all I can say for now. This week our marketing team is in Washington D.C. for the Government Video Expo, you’ll be hearing from them tomorrow. Stay tuned as December will be an exciting month for Atlona.

    You really like us! The DIS7HD wins the reader’s choice contest.

      The votes are in and Atlona Technologies walks away as the CEDIA Home Tech Innovation Contest winner, presented by Atlona’s entry of the 7” HD Testing Monitor was voted on by readers. The contest had 24 entrants and garnered well over 2000 reader votes with 811 of those going to Atlona. The solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video accessories successfully showcased the 7 inch HD Testing Monitor that every major installer and integrator has been waiting for at CEDIA 2010.  Unlike many other monitors available, the DIS7-PROHD does not limit its potential by segregating its testing uses to one specific format. While previous units similar to it have only HDMI or DVI to test recent additions to existing installation projects, Atlona has realized that there are many more applications integrators and installers face other than digital formats. As a result, the DIS7-PROHD can test all digital formats, as well as VGA and Component. An additional function allows users the ability to view signal information such as HDCP compliance, Resolution and Frequency, Digital format, and Audio information. The AT-DIS7-PROHD also features an EDID learning function that allows this unit to virtually copy the extended display identification data from any HDTV to accurately mimic that TV for testing purposes. Not only can video be viewed in exact representation, but built in speakers have been added for audio as well. To meet the ever-growing trend, 3D Capability will also be available for those in need. 
                    Portability is a necessity for any install; therefore a battery pack will be available to travel with this 7 inch monitor to spec out different locations of a project site. Multiple control options including manual as well as IR Remote will increase accessibility to test with this monitor or verify audio and video settings on remote displays. 7 inch monitors alone, without these added and essential accessories, can cost anywhere up to $800.  With the purchase of that as well as additional testing equipment, users will be forced to spend more money than one would care to. This unit is available for well under the price of that normal 7” HD monitor. This new unit was a Finalist in the CEPro Best Awards and took home the Custom Retailer Exc!te Award at CEDIA 2010. With the most recent acquisition of the’s CEDIA Home Tech Innovation Award, the DIS7-PROHD remains the perfect way for installers and integrators to say goodbye to wasting valuable time and money, ripping apart walls and ordering multiple testing equipment in order to trouble-shoot install issues.
    For more information on the
    For more information on the DIS7-PROHD:

    Thank you for your support!!!

    Introducing our DVI with Analog/Digital Audio to HDMI Converter and Embedder, the AT-HD610

    Computer gaming is a growing market that has been left behind in the home theater digital revolution. With massive multiplayer online games or MMO’s released with more frequency and with better graphics, many gamers are seeking to upgrade from their desktop or laptop monitors to their HDTVs. Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video accessories, has continued to answer the calls of those in need by creating products that will allow users an affordable means of connecting their computers to their HDTV without spending a fortune on new video cards or expensive boxes that perform this task as a secondary function. In suit, Atlona has added to their ever growing product line with their newest Converter/Embedder, the AT-HD610. This new unit is designed to take both video and audio signal from the DVI port of any computer or Laptop, and convert it to a digital HDMI output.The Atlona AT-HD610 will also allow you to take a 3.5mm Audio, and/or a SPDIF audio connection with that DVI Cable and embed them into a single HDMI cable. This allows for easy integration of audio and video from a computer to a display or audio receiver.

    Users looking to upscale their computer viewing experience through their home entertainment center can now use the HD610 to easily adapt their DVI outputs along with audio into HDMI. Operating this device is as simple as plug and play and offers a wide-range of supported HDTV and PC resolutions, up to 1080p or 1920×1200 and will take audio signal from the computer and embedded it into the HDMI signal output, so that user is able to enjoy both audio and video though one cable. In addition to being HDCP2.0 compliant, this unit features an EDID learning mode for resolving more than 90% of all digital connectivity issues. With limitless applications for both consumer and commercial applications, this competitively priced Embedder/Converter will find its way into any home or installation. Along with mounting brackets to allow for easy installation in any rack or standard mounting to a surface, this unit’s small, compact frame will easily find its home in any home theater or other application.

    The new AT-HD610 is currently available for those looking to play their favorite computer games or watch newly uploaded videos their high definition TV for an affordable MRSP or $199.00

    For more information:

    PR Director:

    Joshua Carlson, (408) 962-0515 ext 123,

    Or visit: