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    Atlona Academy’s first live event!

    Atlona AcademyLast week was a big week for us here at Atlona as we finished launching our new Academy program.

    We’re really proud of the work we’ve done here with our Academy program, and we’re glad to see it’s being so well received. We kicked off a couple weeks ago with our first ever webinar with a fantastic response, and followed that up last week by hosting a Spanish language rebroadcasting of the webinar that we launched with such success.

    Atlona AcademyThat was all only just the beginning though.  Last Wednesday, in Brisbane California, we hosted our first ever regional live training seminar in conjunction with our friends over at the Electronic Stockroom.  We were pretty excited about it from the start, but I don’t think that even we could have anticipated how well the class went.  We went all day long, and covered a variety of topics focusing on the future of AV technology, and how you can put it to the most efficient and effective use.

    Atlona AcademyEveryone seemed to have a great time but perhaps more importantly, I think we genuinely helped facilitate a greater level of understanding of HDBaseT and other cutting edge technologies.  We had live interactive demos, as well as plenty of sample equipment on-hand for people to play around with, but perhaps the most popular portion of the seminar were the question and answer portions.  Our best tech support staff was on hand to supplement the already significant knowledge available and boy did it ever come in handy.

    Atlona AcademyAfter all was said and done, we handed out certificates to all the attendees who managed to make it through to the end, and made sure to get everyone present a digital copy of the seminar on USB.  We even had some nifty limited edition t-shirts as a special treat for anyone who was willing to take the time to fill in a quick survey so we’d know how we did overall.  Finally, goodies in hand, it was time to head to Xebec bar for a few drinks to unwind after a long day of learning.

    Overall, everyone had a fantastic time, and the event was an astounding success! Atlona Academy We’re really looking forward to hosting more of these events, as well as more webinars in the future!

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